Ian Somerhalder Kardashian Hook Up – Photo #TVD

Somerhalder - Kardashian




EXCLUSIVE REPORT:  If Anastasia Karanikolaou has learned anything from being around the Kardashians, it’s how to whip a man.  She has everything a young starlet needs in this town- a really famous best friend (Kylie Jenner), big titts, and natural blonde hair.  Ian Somerhalder is every girls dream.  Nina Dobrev is a fool!  The Vampire Diaries super hunk knows how to lick aggressively, with the tenderness of a kitten drinking milk.  Rumors claim Ian is smashing Vanessa Hudgens’ irrelevant cakes to smithereens, but Anastasia doesn’t care.  Even if they can’t have a showmance, our sources claim, “she wants to FU*K him so bad!”  But who doesn’t?