In-N-Out Heiress Lynsi Snyder Appears at Grand Opening of New Anaheim Location – Video

We’re so broke we can’t pay attention.  Growing up, and working with the LA Times taught us one thing.  No matter your race, social status, or status updates- we ALL suffer from something.  We’ve always wondered why most rich kids are so awkward, and weird.  Thomas Gilbert Jr. suffered through surfing, and shopping all day- but killed his own father.  We thought In-N-Out burger queen Lynsi Synder, was an ice cold rich bitch who was too good to breathe our same air.  She’s actually a Christian mom, and drag racer.  It’s a reason Lynsi wears sunglasses 24 hours a day.

Suffering from success-

Comfortable in a settee in her high-ceilinged office, Snyder leaves her tall iced coffee untouched as she recounts the two occasions she was nearly abducted. The first was when she was 17 and a high school student in Northern California. The second occurred in Baldwin Park when she was 24 and working in management at In‑N‑Out. “I ran across the highway,” she recalls of her escape. She pegged her would-be kidnappers for criminals out to nab an heiress, because “they had a van with boarded-up windows.” – Orange Coast