Ireland Baldwin Kicked Out Of Rehab

Being a Weird Baby has extreme benefits.  Ireland Baldwin has completed her 2nd rehab stint, although she’s only 19.  Could her homophobic papa bear, Alec Baldwin, have anything to do with this?  Hilaria Baldwin, and her attention stealing baby bump could be the blame.  Hilaria is always on social media doing freaky yoga poses to cement her limelight.  Ireland is obviously perturbed by her step moma’s pregnancy.   Carmen was one thing, but then her 60 year old pops popped a greasy, gray nut in Hilaria again.

Ireland Baldwin’s mom, Kim Basinger, felt rehab was the only solution.  Insiders claim SOBA Recovery Center in Malibu never met a little bitch so ungrateful.  Ireland demanded special celebrity treatment, and refused to follow rules.  Baldwin couldn’t focus on healing.  She was all over social media during treatment, and popped in and out for endless cigarette breaks.  The rules didn’t apply to Ireland Baldwin.  She only attended meetings when she pleased.  The other patients’ jealous complaints became a nightmare.  They quietly refunded Ireland’s money, and severed her recovery contract.

Do you think Ireland Baldwin is magically cured?  Do you think Alec may get Hilaria preggie a 3rd time?  Is Ireland a coke head suffering from a black card with no limit?  Do you know very many 60 year old new dads, or is that a Hollyweird thing?