Ireland Baldwin Refuses To Speak To Mom – Alec Baldwin Holiday Drama

Ireland Baldwin is very close to pulling a Sharkeisha on her on her own mother, Kim Basinger.  She’s standing  up for her dad’s cruel homo comments.  Alec Baldwin has a newborn baby, a college aged kid, a pot belly, and a ‘thing’ for gay people.  Every time a paparazzi looks his way, he beats them like Chris Brown.

Since Baldwin was caught on tape spitting more gay, racist slurs than Mel Gibson, he reluctantly apologized to not offend his political connects. Instead of jamming his 8 track tapes for his new kid, he tweeted “I apologize, and will retire it from my vocabulary.”  100% of Hollyweird is gay…go figure.

Kim is humiliated by Alec’s behavior, and wants to distance herself from the drama.  Although Ireland is a “rude thoughtless little pig” according to her daddy, she would fight a bear to defend him, and it’s making Basinger mad.

“My dad is far from a homophobe or racist.  For someone who battled anger management issues, my dad has grown tremendously.  Tempers are like wildfires.  Something, or someone can easily fuel the fire.”


The entire family is suffering from success.  Kim Basinger was really embarrassed when fat mouth Alec confessed how awkward it was letting his old daughter, meet his new one.  He told David Letterman, “We’re going to hand her this 3-week old baby, and say “This is your sister.”

Although it’ the holiday season, Kim and Ireland aren’t speaking.  Kim won’t support Ireland aiding her father’s stupidity.  What do you think?