Is Katy Perry Really Pageant Queen JonBenet Ramsey – Illuminati Video

Dave Johnson says JonBenet Ramsey was not murdered and is living her adult life as international pop star Katy Perry.

Johnson floated this theory in 2014, in a video posted online which has only now gone viral.

Despite her lifeless body, hit on the head and strangled, being found in her parent’s basement hours after she was reported missing, Johnson says JonBenet’s mother and father staged the death.

And Johnson isn’t the only person convinced, there are now multiple videos circulating promoting the same conspiracy.

Johnson’s claims are based on the resemblance of Katy and JonBenet including the physical similarities between their parents with Perry’s father shaving his head, and her mother losing weight to disguise their true identity.

Another theorist claims a line from Katy Perry’s memoir is all the evidence needed to prove the pop star’s real identity.

‘Not that I was one of those stage kids. There was no JonBenét Ramsey inside of me waiting to burst out,’ the quote reads.

The motive behind covering up Ramsay’s death isn’t clear, but Johnson says it’s a ‘fact’.

‘JonBénet Ramsey became Katy Perry. That’s a fact’ he said.

‘So if any of you continue to lie about this person dying, you are a false witness to murder. That’s a fact.’

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A conspiracy theory claims pop star Katy Perry is actually the late pageant Queen JonBenet Ramsey.