Guess The Baby Transgender

Amy Sohn snorted some Grade-A Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and decided to release The Actress.  She claims it’s just a novel, but the New York Times says it’s about Tom Cruise.  The sexy Scientologist is humiliated.  The book not only gives details of his fake showmance relationships, it suggest Tom Cruise is a booty lover.  Gay porn actor, Chad Slater, was paid hush money to recant his claims of a sexual affair with Tom.

Tom Cruise as a woman

Tom has no time to worry about his AARP meetings, his Botox specialist, Suri Cruise, or the scathing tell all book.  Marty Rathbun, a 27 year auditor for the Scientology Church, is taking all the weirdos to court.  “Inspector General of the Religious Technologies Center” claims they harassed and followed him.  That’s probably why Leah Remini boned out.  Tom hasn’t slept since 2004 when Marty left, and drug all his nasty little secrets with him.

You didn’t know Tom Cruise liked to dress up as a girl?  Enquirer came with photos of our favorite Top Gun looking super cute in pearls, dresses, and feathers.  When his parents divorced, Tom lived with his mother and 3 sissys.  Dressing up gave him life.