Ian Somerhalder Sanctuary Project Scandal

#TVD Ian Somerhalder, finally revealed his animal sanctuary.  Does he really have a philanthropic heart, or is this a ploy to fast track up Hollywood’s food chain?  The Ian Somerhalder Foundation Sanctuary Project has great intentions.  We’re just wondering where the money came from to fund such an extravagant project.  Could Ian’s Z-List salary afford such an A-list animal sanctuary?

According to official tax documents revealed by RadarOnline.com, the vampire’s charity made just one $550 grant, but raked in more than $300,000 in donations in a recent year.

We’re aren’t saying Somerhalder’s a theif, but he’s not spending any of HIS money at all.  Here’s his letter trying to explain:

So it’s true. My whole life is about to change in the most exciting, adventurous, challenging, and beautiful way it can..it’s time to announce my first baby! Babies are incredible vessels of life because they have the opportunity to teach you, push you to explore, nurture your sense of compassion and ultimately create hope. I guarantee you that this baby will do just that for me and for countless others. Now before you imagine me holding a tiny version of myself, that’s not the kind of baby I’m announcing. It’s the ISF Sanctuary Project!

For all those that have been following the work of ISF, you know we have been thinking, stretching, chewing, and dialoguing on how we can build an innovative, sustainable sanctuary that flips the switch on our modern views of compassion and evolves the outdated model into something that propels echoing change in every direction. This has been the driving force running throughout our minds every minute of the day. How do we maintain, sustain and propel this paramount project? How do we build something that completely shifts the preexisting model into the future so we can reproduce the success of this sanctuary in cities across the world? We have received incredible support from our ISF family towards this project. We have established successful co-ventures with phenomenal companies anchored to this mission as well. What we found was as much as we were tirelessly saving our funds for the last 3 ½ years to purchase the sanctuary land, it wasn’t going to be enough. But that wasn’t going to stop us. Walls are excellent to hit sometimes because they force you to find a way to lace up some rock climbing shoes and work your way over them. This is why I have committed to personally guarantee any required loan on the property and to donate the funds required for the mortgage payments to a million dollars so we can facilitate the purchase of the land and the project can move forward. This land, this delicate bayou ecosystem, is imperative to protect and we are dedicated to doing so. Every day, I see our team of translators working late nights to ready our information for global ears, our different division volunteers spending their weekends developing campaigns and I’m purely astonished. Meanwhile, I’ve been working tirelessly across our globe, often on very little sleep and away from my home and family, ensuring that I can make this contribution to our unstoppable team. And I’m honored to do so now.

And I have to take this opportunity to recognize, thank, and celebrate the work of this indefatigable ISF family. YOU are the dynamic actionists launching me out of bed every morning with a thirst for change and a heart full of hope…YOU should be glowing at what you’ve made happen in such a short amount of time. Because of YOU:

• $50,000 worth of ISF Animal Medical Emergency Grants have been awarded to the pioneer individuals and rescues healing creatures in need
• Over 20 million unnecessary births have been prevented by our ISF Spay & Neuter Clinic “Missisnippin’”
• Our voice has been heard in Congress when I testified on behalf of endangered wildlife and the threats imposed on them
• Our work together has lead me to becoming a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations so we can coproduce change within our world governments on a global scale
• We have launched the UFactor Program allowing our youth (the greatest natural resource this planet has!) to identify their passions, cultivate their talents and amplify their purpose.
• We granted $5000 to young filmmakers using their talents to evolve our global consciousness at the Girls Impact the World Film Festival
• Campaigns such as Save a Cup, Green Your Thirst, and Plastic Straws Can Suck It have united our college and youth divisions towards eliminating unnecessary waste while Creatures Division campaigns such as #Time4theTalk have generated mass awareness about the crisis facing our pollinators and our interdependent need for their survival
• You have stood up to politicians and companies when you let them know that #CoalSucks and we reached over 300 million impressions and refused to stay silent…
• With your authentic commitment, we are continuously working on launching new programs too such as the UFactor Project Grants enabling youth to create change and the ISF Classroom Grants empowering teachers to awaken, educate and inspire kids in classrooms everywhere. We are now giving students the opportunity to deviate out of tired, redundant curriculums and tackle causes that matter to them while providing society with the tools to transform the leadership of today’s youth

I could go on and on about the jaw-dropping work of the hands, hearts, and minds behind this organization. When I write out even a fraction of what this family has done in such a short amount of time, tears flood my eyes. I am so honored to be a part of this team of true actionists. I know you work your asses off. I celebrate you today and hope you will celebrate with me, our new baby, the ISF Sanctuary.