Isis In Inglewood

The 10 o clock News resembles a scrambled version of Criminal Minds.  We are warped in racial injustice, and gay rights.  The United States can’t seem to stop Isis.  Majority of the sinister religious radicals, are already living in our neighborhoods.  Isis members are secretly scattered in Virginia, Ohio, and San Diego.  We suspect the terrorist group has finally made it to Hollyweird.

Robert Hollis was a well liked cat daddy from Inglewood, California.  He ordered the same Sunday breakfast from Mr. Tal’s cafe- coffee, black, with four packs of sugar.  Don’t forget the french vanilla creamer.  Mr. Hollis ate a grilled chicken sandwich with American cheese so much, they named ‘The Bo” after him.  Partially blind, but still fine, Robert ‘Bojangles’ Hollis, was a marketing designer.  He painted the signs on the outside, and inside of Tal’s.

Inglewood, California was shaken to the core when old man Bojangles was beheaded in his apartment.  His decapitation sparked fear in the LAX community.  The gruesome death stunned his 6 kids.  Bojangles never harmed a soul.  We suspect Isis because that’s their signature. Blood Mayor James T. Butts, is offering $50,000 for anybody with info.