Jada Pinkett Smith New Hair Style Leads Will Smith To Another Woman – Nude Photo Leak

Will Smith is trying his best to embarrass the weird out his kids, Jaden, and Willow.  Rumors of Will’s cheating on Tupac’s sweetheart, Jada Pinkett Smith, have almost overshadowed the Scientology alle- gay- tions.

Now we all know how bad Hollywood needs a couple who can withstand the competitive Botox toll of the entertainment industry.  Don’t hold your breath on Will and Jada.

Jada Pinkett Smith


Star Magazine claims a juicy photo is being peddled around town.  Jada is probably too busy bumping cats, and vacationing to even care.  Margot Robbie treated Will like a boss, and apparently snuggled in close to Smith while filming Focus.

They openly got their freak on behind a photo booth curtain.  Bystanders say the picture shows her lifting her shirt, exposing her bra.  Will Smith had his shirt up too, and was pressed suggestively against her.

“He wasn’t acting like a married man; he gave no signs that he was in a committed relationship,” an eyewitness of the scandalous scene told the magazine.

“What kind of married man would go into a photo booth with a sexy 23-year-old girl and start to undress?”

“Once they pulled the curtain back to take the pictures, they let their inhibitions run wild, laughing, hugging and nuzzling each other in the dark,” the eyewitness said.


“Margot directed Will before each pose. First the ordered him to act like a gangster. Then she covered her face with a masquerade mask and leaned into his chest. Next, she asked Will to take a sexy picture with her, as she pulled up her shirt and exposed her lingerie for Will and the camera.

“They were hanging all over each other, laughing like they were a new couple in love,” the source continued. “Will ha just gotten done working for the day, so he definitely wasn’t intoxicated in any way — he knew what he was doing.”

“Will and Margot never showed up back on set or attended the night’s festivities with the rest of the crew,” the insider revealed.

“After they left the party, they were gone all night.”

Does Will believe in God, or Scientology?  Could you flourish in an open marriage?  Can we pre-order Willow and Jaden Smith’s tell-all book?