James Gandolfini Murdered With Poison! #TheSopranos

Several of Hollyweird’s brightest stars have died under suspicious circumstances.  Some people claim Tupac is dead, while others are convinced he’s island hopping under an assumed name.  James Gandolfini’s death horrified LA’s expensive traffic magnets.  Not many people knew his exact whereabouts while vacationing in Rome Italy.  Louis Vuitton whispers suggest real Mobsters smoked Gandolfini!  Hollywood is ran by rich, and powerful sadist.  It”s no surprise the autopsy claimed a heart attack.  We have more fake paternity tests, and autopsy reports than beaches.

PLEASE don’t tell anyone we told you?  Sources say there was definitely poison in James Gandolfini’s system.  Paul Huebl, an ex- cop, and celebrity wing man, is beginning to suspect foul play.  He wonders if the mob’s tasteless, colorless, poison, caused the heart attack.  Reports suggest the Mafia hated Gandolfini’s fake ass Tony Soprano role.  The Sopranos show was cool, but the Mafia noticed James was way too deep in character.  They threatened James, but he responded the way he felt the real Tony would respond.  It’s not that James Gandolfini wasn’t afraid, he just thought Hollywood would protect him.

Was James Gandolfini’s death, a murder cover-up?  Did Hollywood executives know the fake Tony was in real danger?  What normal thug could afford a night at Boscolo Exedra hotel?  Should his son Michael be under investigation?  He’s the last to see him alive, right?