Jamie Foxx Explains Why He Sounded Like Trash At Mayweather Fight

“We crafted this great thing with the organ and everything,” Foxx explained on “Entertainment Tonight.” Then, right before he started to sing, the pack receiving the signal for his in-ear monitors fell off and he could no longer hear the music clearly.

“So I have to try to listen to the organ through the speakers of the stadium and try to catch what it is.”

In the stadium, he said, the performance went over standing-ovation great, with folks including Denzel Washington giving him props. However, what came through on the telecast was a whole other thing — and it was a thing he didn’t find out about until people told him the Internet was lighting up with stories about how he’d gone rogue and butchered “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

“When I listened, I said, ‘OK, we’re off,'” Foxx said. But, he continued, “I didn’t think I’d just committed a sin against America.” – LA Times

Whatever Jamie.  Seems to us, you’ve been relying on Ray Charles’ persona too long.  You forgot how to be yourself.