Jane Fonda Is A Crooked Thief

You can never get too old to ‘pita roll’ a Hollyweird prick, or two, but nobody is interested in Jane Fonda.  The casting couch must be experiencing an economic downturn, because  Jane was caught stealing!  Public records indicate Fonda is worth a whopping  $120 million.  Maybe the large banking account is the result of her being a scrooge.  Insiders claim her so called ‘charity’ didn’t donate a single dime to any cause for more than 5 years straight.  Government rules insist that all charities donate at least %5 of  earnings.  Jane missed the memo. Fonda is the head honcho of the Jane Fonda Foundation, so she’s being pressured to resolve this charity cheating scandal ASAP.  We can think of a million causes that would love Jane’s attention, can you?