Jay Z Under Pressure From Becky – Provocative Photos – Nets vs Clippers

Groupie #101

Jay Z had a daddy night off as he and his friends had arrived and listened to a hip hop violin player named Sven do a very squeaky version of the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ the NJ Nets basketball game as Jay Z’s team took on the Los Angeles Clippers. He was shown smiling at the violin player as he exited the court and met fans on the way into the arena. Later Jay Z is relaxing courtside with his group of guys and laughing with them as Chris Paul ran out of bounds near him and had to throw the ball to his teammates. A girl tried to give Jay Z a VIP badge to go backstage, but he quickly handed it to his friend in the seats as they looked confused. Also Jay Z hugged some of the female fans that were lucky enough to sit next to him during the game