Jennifer Aniston Courteney Cox Pretty War

Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox are aging aggressively, and at each other’s throats again.  They were besties when they were both horny and brokenhearted.  Justin Theroux has Jen all pistol whipped.  She controls him with cash, not ass.  Johnny McDaid has Court so insecure, she’s pumping Botox like @KimKardashian pumps Keek.

Jennifer has been serving Courteney with the Donald Sterling spoon.  She skipped her birthday party because she was afraid of having her fatness photographed.  Jen has turned into a reclusive nympho, in desperate efforts to get pregnant.   Meanwhile, cock sucking Cox, just yearns to be young again.  Courteney’s Botox addiction is where the beef lies.  Friends turn enemies quick!

Jennifer Aniston Insults Courteney Cox For Using Botox? (PHOTOS)

Aniston’s looks prove she’s not exactly a fan of the billionaire Botox, but Courteney is beginning to resemble  a meth head.  Cox face has more ‘Puff” than Daddy.  Every since Jennifer divorced Brad Pitt, she hates people who are conceited about their looks.  She’s an advocate of aging naturally, and said Botox looks a hot mess.