Jennifer Aniston Replaced Justin Theroux – New Romance On Fleek

Eddie Redmayne is no fool. He pounced on Jennifer Aniston the moment they met shuffling through the Academy Award circus.  While Eddie is a fresh face Oscar nominee, Jennifer is still most famous for being Brad Pitt’s jilted ex- wife.  Justin Theroux is not laying the pipe right.  She refuses to marry Justin without an Oscar, or baby.  Eddie Redmayne, however, has the energy and charisma to take Aniston’s attention away from the musty dogs she sleeps with.

Redmayne reluctantly married his college sweetheart.  That doesn’t stop Jennifer Aniston from making his banana hard.  At just 33, the British talent had a secret meeting with Jen while Justin Theroux was out of town.  They pretended to discuss a movie partnership.  Eddie Redmayne smothers Jennifer with compliments.  He’s mesmerized by her celebrity.  Aniston breathes for credit, and appreciation.  His accent, and youthful spirit make her vibrant too!

Justin Theroux called Jen out for sexting, and flirting with stamina stacked Eddie Redmayne.  Jen denied the crush.  Justin is busy filming The Leftovers as Jen’s baby dreams grow stale.  Eddie is awfully handsome,plus he respects and admires Jennifer.  Should Justin Theroux be worried about Jennifer’s secret affair with a much younger, more talented, guy?   Since Angie snatched Pitt from her, will Jennifer Aniston rip horny Eddie Redmayne away from his wife for some hot, groupie love?  Remember the new lime-light Demi Moore got after snagging Ashton Kutcher?