Jennifer Garner Demands $150 Million and Full Custody of the Kids

Tabloids warned us that Ben and Jen were on the brink of divorce.  We were too engulfed in Caitlyn Jenner’s transformation to care.  Fans are still mystified by Ben Affleck’s slave owning ancestors.  While he partied in his secret love nest, Jennifer Garner has aged aggressively.  Jen has been like a single parent, raising the kids all alone.  We thought they were the perfect couple.

Hollyweird will never let a shimmering romance last longer than a movie premiere.  Would you prefer a lonely success, or be happy on the  Z-List? Ben ‘has been’ bored.  Garner was his mother’s choice.  His best friend, Matt Damon, said marriage would boost his career.  Showbiz heads were smitten with Affleck’s maturity, but nobody mentioned the toll it would take on his happiness.

Now Jennifer Garner is pissed, and she plans to humiliate him, just as he’s humiliated her.   She finally realizes she can’t change him.  The poker whores, and days away from home “working” led to her decision to walk.  Jen will dupe Ben like she did her ex- Scott Foley.  Scott was a multi millionaire too.  Garner dropped him like a hot potato.  Rumors claim Scott was left without anything accept his Hermes briefcase, and toothbrush.  He lives in Compton now.

Jennifer Garner will take Ben Affleck to the cleaners.  They did not have a prenup.  She’s already attained a million dollar divorce attorney.  Ben is chasing his career, so she’s demanding full custody of their 3 kids.  The divorce will be more bitter than Tyga’s transvestite lover.