Jennifer Lawrence Sex Tape Scandal

Breaking news before you die from Ebola!  Jennifer Lawrence nude leak, and creepy showmance with Chris Martin, is just an appetizer.  Pedophile survivors and coke addicts partying in Bootsy Bellows claim J-Law has a sextape!  No, it’s not with Phillip Seymour Hoffman, or Coldplay’s weird frontman.  Jennifer has a sex tape with Kristen Stewart’s new love slave, Nicolas Hoult!


Jennifer Lawrence labeled the recent nude photo hacking a ‘sex-crime’.  Having a struggle booty, is the crime.  Truthfully, she’s very afraid of her Kim Kardashian moment.  We heard Jennifer Lawrence is an animal in bed, and takes it in the buns.  Well, at least that’s what Christian Dior told his friends. The National Enquirer has the tea…

 “Jennifer told us she’s destroying her sextape – but worries she can’t be sure if she owns the only copies.

“She’s just beside herself with worry about the impact of a sex video starring an actress who’s refused to do nude scenes, suddenly out there for the world to slobber over.”