Jennifer Lawrence Too Busy Beefing With Julia Roberts To Mourn Philip Seymour Death

Poor Julia Roberts.  It’s already bad enough father time snatched her looks.  Now Hollywood is snatching America’s Sweetheart nick name back.  Have fans fallen out of love with Julia’s Sasson jeans?  Roberts got all snarky and insecure when MTV News mentioned Jennifer Lawrence.

“She shoots flaming arrows, is that a cupid tactic?  I think she’s fabulous, but she seems cooler than me.  Isn’t she too cool to be America’s Sweetheart?”

J-Law never wanted the America’s Sweetheart title, and feels Julia can shove it up her ass.  Julia is obviously insecure because news about her creepy step daddy leaked to the press.  Not to mention Jennifer is a mega talent, and half her age.  Everyone is just plain sick of hearing how nice, and cool Lawrence is.  Celeb Dirty Laundry put it this way.

Some of the biggest names in Hollywood have credited Jennifer Lawrence with being the best thing since sliced bread. Rolling Stone called her “the most talented young actress in America.” In a world of media savvy twerkers, we refer to as celebrities, it’s awesome to be reminded that true talent is scattered through the sea of scripted ‘reality’ shows.

Are you sick of Jennifer hogging all the limelight?  Is Julia intimidated because Hollywood has finally acknowledged someone just as beautiful, and equally talented?  If Jennifer keeps stroking the right cocks, Julia may end of selling oranges on LaBrea Ave. along with Sharon Stone.