Jennifer Lawrence Kristen Stewart Battle

Hollywood executives knew exactly what they were doing , pairing Kristen Stewart with Jennifer Lawrence man.  Nicholas Hoult isn’t nearly as fine as Robert Pattinson, but he has allure and potential.  Kristen is a straight up hooker.  She cheated on Rob, and ruined Rupert Sanders’ marriage.

Equals is a sci-fi romance, just like Twilight.  It will star Kristen Stewart, and Nicholas Hoult.  They have several steamy love making scenes, and we all know how sexy and low-down Stewart is.  Jennifer is uneasy, and on high alert.  Kristen has the hots for any British penis, and Jennifer Lawrence is right to not trust her, Here’s why:

Jennifer Lawrence, and Kristen Stewart became acquainted in 2012 at the Toronto Film Festival.  Lawrence is super down to earth, and Stewart pretended she gave a damn.  Lawrence mentioned that she’d been offered the starring role in Equals, but felt it wasn’t a right fit.  Never trust a bitch.  After Stewart found out Nicholas signed on to be the male sex symbol, she conveniently auditioned for the part.

What do you think.  Is J-Law tripping for nothing?  Or is K-Stew that desperate to disconnect herself Robert, and the Trampire nickname?