Jeremy Bieber Joe Jackson Same Difference

Selena Gomez is willing to fork anyone in Hollyweird to shake her rocky past with Justin Bieber.  When Bieber wasn’t assaulting someone in Canada, or driving drunk in Miami- he was smashing sluts in Brazil.  Chantel Jeffries was passed to Tyga, so it’s Yovanna Ventura’s turn to get showmanced.

What happened to the Justin that performed with Michelle Obama?  Are all Justin’s fans Directioners now?  Cory Bernier used to party with Jeremy Bieber before Justin sold his virginity to Usher for fame.    Cory told Intouch, how Justin was barely a teen when Jeremy gave him Percocet.  By the time Bizzle was 18, he was smoking weed, and popping bottles with his dad.  Everyone  knows Justin is addicted to the Purp.  Jeremy is reaping the benefits of Justin’s success.  He  turned his son into a sex addict and dope fiend.

Jeremy is the industry’s vessel to take Bieber down.  He suggested Bieber avoid sex.  “Stick to blow jobs and you won’t have kids.”  Jeremy doesn’t beat Justin like Joseph Jackson did Michael.  Although, a physical beating is more soothing than a father who snorts all your coke, and smashes all your bitches.

Bernier actually sort of feels sorry for Justin Bieber.  “Jeremy loves to party, and is being a friend to Justin.  Not a father.  Justin needs guidance right now.  He needs someone that will say no.  Not someone who will join in with him.”

This explains why Justin told police his moma, Patti Mallette, gave him prescription drugs.  Is this why Gomez ditched her parents as managers?  Weren’t they cool enough?