Jessica Biel Justin Timberlake Dream Baby

They say Justin Timberlake is one the most stylish stars of the year, but it’s not helping Jessica Biel get any extra credit in Hollyweird auditions.  She’s been allowing Timberlake to soak up all the panties limelight, but it isn’t by choice.  Insiders claim Jessica is a bit insecure, and jealous.  Justin’s career is on fire, and  Sofia Vergara isn’t sharing her secrets.

Biel loves JT, but was hoping the showmance would create more career opportunities so she can get on Angelina Jolie’s level.

Everyone thought she’d be pregnant by now.  Only a fool would choose their career over starting a family with Justin.  It’s not Jessica procrastinating  on making a baby, it’s Justin all caught up in his rock-star persona.  He’s booked a 75 date concert tour.  While Jessica is a seasoned  and trained actress, Justin Timberlake gets more acting work and Hollywood opportunities.  She wouldn’t be so hell bent on work, if Justin would get her pregnant.  Jessica Biel wants a baby bad.

Jess is helping Lance Bass plan his wedding, and using him to help her pressure JT into fatherhood! Jessica and Timberlake’s marriage life is not NSYNC.  She thinks Lance can convince JT to want a baby.  Some ‘weirdo’ told Enquirer, “Justin keeps telling Jessica they’ve only been married for a year, and they should enjoy the time they have together before they rush into making babies,” but Jessica responds with”they’ve already been a couple for six years- and she doesn’t want to wait anymore.”

What do you think?  Should they hurry up, and get pregnant? Or chill for a minute?