Video – Rihanna Smashing A New White Boy – He’s The Highest Paid Actor On TV Tho #Home

Rihanna has great taste in men.  Jim Parsons is one lucky mofo…

In the meantime, as he’s still a part of the popular geek culture show, Jim Parson’s net worth, while coming mostly from his role as Sheldon Cooper, has started to expand to other ventures, as he’s a part of a few other projects, most notably the widely acclaimed television movie “A Normal Heart,” about raising awareness about AIDS in the early years of the illness.
Besides boosting Jim Parson’s net worth, the movie saw him co-starring with some of Hollywood’s biggest names, including Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Hulk Mark Ruffalo, Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts, “Frida” star Alfred Molina and iconic “White Collar” actor Matt Bomer, in a television film that saw many of its star-studded cast members nominated for an Emmy.
Other recent projects that have boosted Jim Parson’s net worth include voice acting in last year’s television film “Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas” alongside “Star Wars” actor Mark Hammill, co-starring in Zach Braff’s movie “Wish I Was Here” and even a minor – albeit hilarious – role in the first “Muppets” film.
Recently, as Entertainment Tonight Online reports, Parsons made headlines following his latest appearance in “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon, as he talked about how he’d annoy Rihanna when they were recording their voices for the animated film “Home”- FoodWorldNews