Jodie Foster Secret Mel Gibson Romance

Mel Gibson thinks he’s Jesus Christ to Hollywood.  Most people still love him despite his drunken racism.  Alexandra Hedison wants him to eat a penis sandwich.  He’s been sticking his snobby nose all in Hedison’s koolaide since she married Jodie Foster. Mel and Jodie have been friends since Maverick.  Alexandra is demanding Jodie end the friendship, or else…

Alexandra got to meet Mel at a fancy Malibu dinner.  She hated his ego, and was repulsed by his claims of sobriety.  She remembers his 2006 DUI arrest.  The awful things he said were just too hurtful to forgive.  She questions why Jodie insist on hanging on to this Christian Brother, Mel.  Doesn’t Jodie recall his domestic violence, and abuse against his baby moma, Oksana Grigorieva?

Alexandra wasn’t eating Jodie’s cootie cat long before they married.  Jodie Foster loves Alexandra, but won’t stop supporting Mel Gibson.  The lesbian lovers have been drifting the last few months.  Hedison feels disrespected by Foster’s refusal to ditch Mel.  She wonders if they are they secretly hooking up, or what?  Meanwhile, rumors claim Alexandra Hedison is trying to connect with Ellen Degeneres in case Porti de Rossi really walks.