#PillMill Doctor Gets 30 Years Triple Murder For Overprescribing Pain Killers – Video

Warning!!  Attorney John Niedermann is coming for your pill doctor!  John is the only prosecutor in United States history to win a conviction against doctors accused of over prescribing.  Families of overdose victims, named Niedermann a hero.  He’s joined government law enforcement to crack down on dirty doctors.  Prescription street vendors are likely to feel the pinch, which may increase the value of the pills.  It was all good popping Vicodin, Valium, Xanax, and Percocet…until Dr. Hsiu Ying “Lisa” Tseng killed 15 patients.


It’s been so many prescription pill overdoses, US Centers for Disease Control beg doctors to stop prescribing addictive pain killers.  Dr. Lisa’s murder conviction took a chilling affect on the pill mill community.  John Niedermann also busted Dr. Carlos Estiandan.  Authorities claim within a single month, he wrote more prescriptions than the entire staff at John Hopkins Hospital.  Dr.  John Dimowo narrowly escaped prison time for prescribing Vicodin, Xanax, and Adderall to undercover agents. Hollyweird connections saved Drs. Sandeep Kpoor and Khrstine Eroshevich.  They killed Anna Nicole Smith.

If John is rugged enough to come for Anna Nicole’s doctors, he’s coming for yours.  Niedermann has gained popularity and outcry from communities around the nation.  Over prescribing doctors are being traced and reported. John got Dr. Lisa Tseng 30 years to life.

This article is dedicated to the family of Joey Rovero.  He mixed Xanex with alcohol and Oxy (prescribed by Dr. Lisa Tseng).  He never woke up again.  Do you, or someone you love, suffer from pain killer abuse?  You better find a new hobby, before you accidentally overdose, and your connect goes to jail.