John Singleton Selects Bow Wow To Star In New Movie #Boys

Shad Moss was a pedophile’s dream when he popped on the scene at the tender age of 4.  We don’t know if Jermaine Dupri ever touched him. He was  JD’s protege, and a staple on Hollweird’s scene back when.  Gay Black Hollywood is not a myth, although you can’t tell judging by the staged photos of Tyrese with Sanaa Lathan.  Apparently they’ve been ‘dating’ for years.  The photo proof just mysterious came after the Baby Boy cock sucking allegations.

John Singleton can’t be gay.  He has a bevy of baby mommas, and an ex-wife.  He even smashed Tyra Banks.  He also smashed his rough draft of Boys.  The script was a homo erotic.  Lil Bow Wow was selected as the star of the Boys, just as Tyrese was selected for Baby Boy.  La Cienega was buzzing with seeing Shad Moss as a big-time, bisexual New York drug dealer.  The movie was scrapped for unknown reasons.  You’ve heard about all the gay allegations, they throw at Birdman?  Did you forget Bow Wow signed to Cash Money in 09?  We haven’t heard any recent music from Shad, have you?

Did Hollyweird pass Lil Bow Wow around like a Kush blunt?  If Tyrese really did give John Singleton a BJ for his Baby Boy role, does that make him GAY?  All BS aside:

If performing oral sex on the same sex would land you on the Showbiz A-List, would you get your knees dirty?