Johnny Cash – Niece Killer Walks Free

We aren’t comparing Courtney Cash to Amy Winehouse, but she was brutally murdered over dope.  Johnny Cash is in his grave singing the blues, because Courtney was his niece.  Johnny never imagined his drug demons would trickle through his brother Tommy Cash, down to his granddaughter.  Putnam County, Tennessee will never be the same.  Courtney was butchered and slaughtered like a pig.  She was only 23.  “This is a senseless tragic death of a young lady whose life was probably taken as a direct , or indirect result of drugs”, explained the town’s sheriff.

When police arrived at Courtney’s rundown duplex, they found her lifeless body stuffed in a box.  There was blood painted on the walls.    The scene was an addict  tsunami.  Her crack addiction was no match against accused killer, Wayne Masciarella.  Wayne partied with Courtney- along with her boyfriend, William Johnson, and her infant kid.  When the meth was gone, Wayne was allegedly carving them like a turkey.

It’s weird that William didn’t have a single scratch, and managed to get away.  His story was more shaky than Kimye’s wedding.  “That’s a pretty strong man” remarked Sheriff David Andrews sarcastically.  “He grabbed the baby, and exited the house, and got in the car, and drove himself to the hospital.”