Johnny Depp Amber Heard Prenup Snag

Vanessa Paradis  self esteem is lower than Joan Rivers’ titts.  Her hair is turning silver, just as she struggles to heal from Johnny Depp’s new showmance.  Amber Heard is a beautiful opportunist, who caught Johnny slipping on the set of Rum Diaries.  He threw true love, and 2 kids, down the garbage disposal for Heard.  She makes him feel younger.  Vanessa was invested in Depp for over 10 years.  Now,the forever fiance & baby momma, is pissed all over again.  A bartender at Hollyweird’s Chateau Marmont sent out a mass text that went viral.  The message read:

Johnny D said fukk the prenup.  Ness is livid!  She can’t believe he could be so stupid!

Or, poochie whipped.  Heard is young, and a sexual servant.  Entertainment producers secretly nicknamed her ‘hungry Heard’.  She’s gobbled more producer peckers than Meryl Streep.  She’s infatuated with Johnny Depp’s A-List status.  She premeditated stealing him from Vanessa when she was 17 years old.  Heard, a Hollyweird stan, and showbiz freak- caught wind of Vanessa’s shade.  She doesn’t have the acting ability, or stamina, to pretend to care.  Lily-Rose, and Jack can kiss her ass.  She’s a great step mom.  That’s just because she only has to see them once a year.  She knows she’s just a trophy.  Amber Heard refuses to sign a prenuptial  agreement for a smokey teeth geezer. Who cares if he owns half of the Hollywood Hills?