Border Patrol Execute Teen For Throwing Rocks

Jose Antonio Elena was just 16 years old.  Border Patrol police busted him in the back of the head with a glock 40.  The bullet hit him so hard, he slumped on the Mexican side a few feet from the border.  Agents continued firing until the wall was splattered with blood.

Authorities say he was throwing rocks, but refuse to release video evidence of the suspicious rock attack.  10 fatal bullets through a rock throwing teen doesn’t justify anything.  The kid killing cops still have their jobs.  Nobody has been publicly identified, or even disciplined.

Critics say agents along the U.S. border have an itchy trigger finger.  Some even suspect the agents work as drug smugglers themselves.  Over 20 people have died in similar cases.  Border patrol’s own records site 10 more cases where people have been killed for throwing rocks.

Michael J. Fisher tried sweeping it all under the rug, calling the rocks ‘deadly weapons’.  Critics say at least 2 agents  stretched their arms across the border, and let off 25-30 rounds.