Sister Suicide Note Killed Her Mom – Julia Roberts Hubby Refused To Attend Funeral

Julia Roberts is suffering from success.  The aging mega- star was humiliated when tea about her twisted step daddy spilled all over Hollyweird streets.  Then, the sister she belittled, and ignored died.  Nancy Motes wittled broke, and abandoned by her gorgeous movie star sister.  Insiders say she left a scathing suicide note dissing Julia.

Bitter words: Nancy leaves her 'sister' Julia nothing except the memory that she tormented Nancy

The truth hurt so bad it killed Julia Roberts mother.  Betty Lou Bredemus was buried in Smyrna, Georgia, not long ago.  A mustang kick to the forehead, Roberts’ husband Danny Moder, skipped the funeral!  Julia was humiliated beyond repair.  Why would Julia’s husband stab a dagger in her heart?  Danny’s absence was the ultimate insult, and slap in the face.

Onlookers watched Julia choke back tears.  She looked weak, and her confidence was diminished.  She was tragically alone, and really needed Danny’s support.  He scheduled a little league baseball game to avoid faking respect at Betty Lou’s memorial service.

Danny Moder never ever liked Betty Lou.  She never liked him.  Her daughter is an A List movie star, but he’s just a camera man.  Betty resented his mediocre lifestyle, and suspected he was an opportunist.  Remember, Danny was married when he met Julia.  He ditched the funeral as payback for her harsh judgments.