Justin Bieber Ditches Scooter Braun For Rich Gang

Hip Hop insiders exposed the rat beef between Bryan Birdman Williams, and Scooter Braun.  It kicked off when Scooter was caught acting like a weird stan at Drake’s Barclay’s Center concert.  Drake is the face of YMCMB, so music insiders couldn’t help but wonder why Scooter was there acting like a cheerleader.  Braun pretended  to enjoy the show, but a very reliable source tells THT, that Scooter was definitely there trying to convince Drizzy to join forces with him, and Justin Bieber.

Suddenly, Bieber grew a mustache, got a few tattoos, started sipping syrup, and acting black with his best buddy, Lil Twist.  Justin ditched Selena Gomez, and started tricking millions on Hollywood’s thickest thots.  He dragged raced his sports car in a peaceful residential area, and bullied his elderly neighbor.   Eventually, Justin was arrested, and threatened with deportation.  Scooter Braun secretly blamed Lil Twist, as his cash cow’s negative influence.  Once Lil Wayne heard Scooter was talking down on Lil Twist, he released this video as a threat:

Coincidentally, videos of Justin Bieber revealing how he really feels about black folks was suspiciously leaked.

Is Justin Bieber another Donald Sterling?  Who cares?  All we know is Austin Mahone, and Justin Bieber are officially part of the Rich Gang.  The Birdman is a genius!  Big bank take little bank?  Scooter Braun, you mad, or nah?