Justin Bieber Is The Reason For Selena Gomez Rehab – Another Groupie Tell All!

After being video taped with a prostitute, and getting arrested twice, fans are threatening to deport Justin Bieber.  Chantel Jefferies, and Selena Gomez, aren’t the only ones next to catch an STD, from ‘Flieber’.  Another groupie told of her freaky night with the pop star.

The sleazy fan signed a confidentiality agreement, so she could not reveal her name.  She was more eager to spill her story to USMagazine, than she was to fork one of Bieber’s dingy, broke ass, homeboys.  Her and a few friends were invited to an after party by Justin’s handlers,  after a night of Sheen-like partying in LA.

Confident: Tatiana Neves Barbosa, known to friends as Tati, is a 26-year-old model from Rio de Janeiro

They all jumped in Justin’s tricked out Mercedes bus, fully equipped with  TVs, and a mini-bar, by the way.  Security instantly confiscated their phones.  Tati Neves taught him well.  Apparently, Bieber is a douchey prick, because he kept playing unreleased tracks from his next album asking their opinions.

“You like this one?”  He smoked joint after joint of granddaddy purple kush.  He had one dude there just to roll his joints, and blunts.  He started flirting, and asked all the girls to show him what they were working with.  They finally pulled  up to the Calabasas mansion.  Why was the driveway packed with car loads of groupies, and whores?  Justin has a security guard set up in the garage to check everyone’s ID.

The lucky groupie claims Bieber’s crib resembles Kris Jenner’s.  That Illuminati black, and white marble is everywhere.  The crib looked like a college student’s.  There was weed, drug paraphernalia, and empty Gatorade bottles scattered throughout.  They smoked weed, and listened to Bieber’s wack ass music.  Bieber was on his phone the whole time, and the Kush smoke was so thick it was hard to breathe.

They eventually got so bored, danked out, and fed up with Justin being an actual ‘Belieber’.  They called a cab and left, but most dedicated groupies stayed.  The girls were humiliated for asking the driver to come to the Calabasas suburbs so late.  The cabby responded, “No problem. I’ve been picking up girls here for the past four nights.”