Justin Theroux Hates Jennifer Aniston For This-

Jennifer Aniston dropped her own mom when she became rich and famous. They had a blow out fight in 1996, that lasted 20 years. Nancy Dow died May 25, 2016, with a broken heart. Aniston stopped giving a damn when Nancy gave an interview about her to Hollyweird tabloid, Hard Copy. Just three years later, Nancy raked in extra cash writing- From Mother and Daughter To Friends: A Memoir. The book dished on their strained relationship, and revealed how Jennifer sold her soul for fame. Still disgusted 20 years later, Jen visited he mom 2 weeks before she died to say goodbye.

Everybody thought it was sweet, but when family members suggested Jennifer Aniston take her mother’s ashes…

“She said, ‘I don’t want them!’” a family insider tells In Touch exclusively. “Everyone knows that she and Nancy had a horrible relationship. She was an absentee daughter and now, even with Nancy gone, it seems that she still doesn’t want her mom around.”

She dissed her moma even in death.  Aniston’s show husband, Justin Theroux, was most shocked.  He knew she was a cold bitch, but not freezing like a penguin’s egg at Christmas.  Justin immersed himself in work, and failed to plan for their August 5th, one year anniversary.  Justin thinks Jen is heartless, and incapable of forgiveness.  He can’t receive Jennifer Aniston’s love without wondering how she could detach emotions from her own dead mother.

“Someone tried to say Jen thinks having the ashes around her home is morbid; that it’s not her style,” an insider tells In Touch. “But then how do you explain the fact that she tattooed her late dog Norman’s name on her body? She’ll honor her dog but not her mom? Jen not wanting the remains shows she still has no closure.”