Kaley Cuoco Did Disneyland To Avoid Kardashian Curse

 Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting didn’t know they were purchasing their Tarzana newlywed hell hole from  Khloe ‘Camel Toe’ Kardashian.  By the time they met, they were duped out of $5.5 million.  The house is fine, but it’s the fact that Kardashian shared it with NBA star- turned crack smoker, Lamar Odom.

Reports claim Kaley is crazy  petrified of the Kardashian curse.  She’s hired fortune tellers and ghost hunters to warn away bad spirits.  The place secretly gives her wicked vibes.  She paid a so called California hippy ‘cleansing expert’, to wash away the  desperation stench in the walls.  Did Khlomar leave a sinful energy?

Happy honeymoon: Kaley Cuoco and her husband of seven weeks Ryan Sweeting hit up 'the happiest place on earth' - Disneyland - and had a ball as seen in the cosy photos she shared

All the  other Hollyweirdos say Cuoco hired spiritual gurus to  burn candles, incense, and sage.  Even Khloe admitted the house “has a little darkness.”  Will Disneyland help Cuoco and Ryan shake the jinx?