Kanye West Gets Upstaged By Kendrick Lamar At Concert- Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe!

We’re not sure who thought of the brilliant idea of pairing Kendrick Lamar with Kanye West, but  hip hop fans are loving it, according to @MTVNews.  Kendrick, self proclaimed, ‘leader of the new school’  ,has the golden opportunity to open a tour for Yeezus.

Seattle Washington’s Key Arena, was filled with hip hop heads.  Everyone was hungry for some life changing , paparazzi beating, from Jay Z’s left hand man, Ye.    However, when Kendrick Lamar grabbed the mic, fans were engulfed in the freshness of his lyrical content.

MTV News ‏@MTVNews

Seen Kendrick live a bunch of times, not sure I’ve ever seen him perform “Sing About Me” … Crowd showers him with applause

MTV News ‏@MTVNews

The whole Key Arena bouncing to “Don’t Kill My Vibe.” Having Kendrick open for Kanye was a heck of an idea. The fans win!

Back when Kanye West agreed to allow Kendrick to become his opening act, he was unaware of Lamar’s talent, and  street appeal.  Kanye West destroys competition with his massive ego, and plastic surgery riddled baby moma, Kim Kardashian. Surprisingly, when Lamar’s set was over, music fans were disappointed.

MTV News ‏@MTVNews

Kendrick ended with “Compton,” crowd chanting his name… They want an encore, but I’m not sure they’ll get one tonight. #YeezusTime

You already heard about how Kanye West got BOOED at a Dodger game.  Are fans beginning to have a negative reaction to the Late Registration attention seeker?  Did fans come to see Kendrick Lamar, or Kanye West?