Kardashians Snub Rob Engagement To Blac Chyna

Is Kris Jenner wrong for ignoring Robert Kardashian Jr.’s engagement to Blac Chyna?  Kim Kardashian is the one who started all this mess.  She befriended Blac Chyna to steal her black girl magic and swag.  Kim knew Kylie Jenner had a crush on rapper, Tyga.  Fans were conflicted, and angry, when teenage Kylie stole Chyna’s fiance,Tyga.  The victim in it all, is baby King Cairo.

We’re actually happy to see Rob back out, smiling and living life.  Chyna is beautiful,  She’s proven she can handle the white hot spot-light ignited by fame and money.  What bitch is badder that Blac Chyna?

Just because Scott Disick is too drunk and coked up to marry Kourtney Kardashian, Kris is pissed off.  Khloe is most cruel for ignoring Rob.  She’s the main one who claimed she wanted his happiness.  If Kyga is so happy together, why is Rob’s engagement to Blac Chyna not worth celebrating.  Life is too sensitive not to put showbiz aside and support Rob.

Now Blac Chyna will be something Kylie Jenner can NEVER BE – a Kardashian.