Karrine Superhead Steffans Explains Lil Wayne Love Affair – Video

The war on women is so real and oftentimes, so subliminal. It's a quiet rhetoric whispered into the tiny ears of little girls who grow up to be women who hate themselves and their sisters. They repeat the words men call them just the way blacks repeat the names whites have called them. They address each other this way. They aim to annihilate one another versus lifting and pulling each other up from the trenches we must all dip into. They think, 'if I can't beat them, I'll join them,' as they enter the ranks of woman-hating men and other women who hate women. But hate and spite are signs of weakness in the body. It points to one's own insecurities and incapabilities. Hate is the poison you drink, expecting the other person to die. And if that other person is anything like me, they'll actually feed on that pain, gaining strength with every misguided blow. Because see, people who hate you are doing so under the impression that you're as weak as they are, and that you can be broken. But not every woman is weak. Not every woman is breakable. And those of us who are stronger than the rest need to reach back for them and lend them our strength. Here's the motto: "Every time you struck me, I got stronger." Help a sister today. Love a woman today. Be well.