Karrueche Tran Is No Yoko Ono – Video

Black.  White.  Short.  Tall.  These hoes ain’t loyal.  Karrueche Tran wasted her youth chasing Chris Brown.   Christina Milian continues eating her poochie to ease the pain.  Can Iyanla Vanzant fix thots?  Breezy and Karrueche wanted to be John Lennon, and  Yoko Ono.  Poor Tran couldn’t book a date on her SugarBabies website profile, but she’s famous now.  Hollyweird’s high rollers were offended by Karrueche’s insensitivity to mentioning, and comparing herself to Yoko.

While Karrueche seeks refuge in cocaine, and fake friends- Yoko Ono stood by her man.  Yoko snatched John Lennon from his wife, Cynthia.  John loved Yoko Ono so much, he resented his own son.  Julian tells everybody his dad was a douche in real life.  Dorothy Jarlett, Lennon’s housekeeper and nanny, testified in Cynthia Lennon’s divorce trial.  Dorothy witnessed Yoko seduce John’s soul away from his body.  Yoko was tattooed in Lennon’s mind.

Legal documents surfaced when Dorothy Jarlett died.  Statements included detailed accounts of forbidden lust gliding between Yoko and John, while he was still married to Cynthia Lennon.  Dutiful Dorothy caught them smashing in Cynthia’s bed once.  Lennon fell hard.  He ditched his public persona for happiness, unlike Chris Brown.  Cynthia busted Yoko and John naked before!

John Lennon cheated from newlywed til death.  Documents claim he owned a mansion in Weybridge, but he beat his son Julian Lennon in all 22 rooms.  Karrueche is more like Cynthia- not Yoko.  Cynthia bailed when Yoko finally got pregnant with Sean Lennon, just like Karrueche.  Yoko Ono is a heart breaker.  Karrueche Tran is broken-hearted.

Will baby Royalty end Chris Brown Karrueche Tran showmance for good?  Or, is this Hollyweird foreplay?