Kate Gosselin New Man Jeff Prescott Indicted For Attempted Murder

Kate Gosselin thought she had a winner in Jeff Prescott.  Not only is he established, but he also accepted her kids.  Kate’s P list lifestyle, and plastic surgery, roped in a cowboy.  Jeff may be a millionaire in sheep’s clothing.  Gosselin should know he tried to kill his ex wife, Michelle Jones.

Jeff Prescott divorced in 2006.  His ex- wife accused him of stalking her, and playing bloody mind games.  Prescott threatened Michelle in front of their kids!  He threatened to chop her head off.

“I want to make it very clear that I have given your mom every chance to try and settle things in a way that would not require all that is about to transpire,” he warned their two daughters.  The kids take anxiety medication even today.

Michelle Jones flirted with a bartender at an expensive restaurant to make Jeff Prescott jealous.

“He put both hands around my neck and told me, ‘I will f—ing kill you,’” she swore in a Feb. 21, 2006 affidavit obtained by The ENQUIRER.

Kate Plus 8 can get involved with this lunatic if she dares.  Just don’t say @HollyweirdTimes didn’t fire a warning shot.  Is Jeff Prescott looking for a tunnel into Hollyweird?  Honestly.  Keep it 100.  Who’s forking with Kate Gosselin?