Guess Who’s Trying To Ruin Elle Macpherson Jeffrey Soffer Showmance?

Supermodel, and high priced hooker- Elle Macpherson, landed billionaire trick, Jeffrey Soffer.  She’s snorted too many lines, and sucked too many frogs to let anyone ruin this for her.  When she caught Jeff making out with Kate Hudson, the claws came out!  Elle threatened to whoop Kate’s ass.  Friends are afraid she’ll catch a Hollyweird criminal case if she sees Kate trying to blend with the Santa Monica locals.  Jeffrey and Kate used to smash long ago.  Elle was hurt, and embarrassed when she discovered flirty, sexy text from her hubby to Kate Hudson.  Doesn’t Kate have enough drama being a single baby-moma with 2 separate rocker dads?

Kate Hudson has been trampling all over North Hollywood flaunting her newly singly Fabletics body.  Why is Kate reaching out to Elle Macpherson’s man anyway?  Jeffrey Soffer gave Hudson a few bucks, after he squirted that billionaire nut in her eyes.  Elle took him back…of course.  She’s watching him like a hawk, and stalking Kate’s social media accounts to track her whereabouts.  Jeffrey bought Elle Macpherson’s forgiveness with a $250,000 necklace, and  yacht trip to the south of France.

If you met Elle Macpherson’s billionaire husband, would you make him holler for a few extra dollars?