Ellen Degeneres Interviews Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is gorgeous, but Prince William has met plenty of pretty girls.  What did she have that made Prince William decide to put a ring on it?  A ferocious grip? Bomb head?  A sexy little sister?  No.

Star Magazine claims the Duchess of Cambridge likes kitty cat.  Who wouldn’t want to marry a bisexual bombshell?  Is Prince George’s mom a frisky hungry tiger?


“Let’s give them another one. I love you.”

Those are the sweet words Prince William said to his new bride before planting a sweet smooch on her after their wedding, but a little known secret about Kate Middleton is that her first real grown up kiss was with a girl!

When Kate first went away to the posh boarding school, Marlborough College, in 1996, the 14-year-old shy girl had never kissed a boy. She became friends with a girl named Jessica Hay who told this week’s Star magazine that she and Catherine were “a little tipsy,” before a school dance and one thing led to another.

Kate was a “shy, painfully thin and nervous girl,” Hay tells Star. “She was the complete oppositie of the beautiful fashion icon and regal woman you see today.”

:before one of the school dances, Catherine and I were a little tipsy, and she admitted she’d never kissed a boy in her whole life,” Jessica recalls. “I said, ‘Oh, kissing is easy!’ and I pecked her on the lips,” Jessica said. “Our eyes locked and we started full-on kissing, with each of us pretending the other was a boy!”

The hot-and-heavy moment was not the first step on the way to a lesbian affair though. “It was more about a mutual love of each other and an intimate friendship,” Jessica said. “If you combine raging hormones and alcohol, all sorts of things happen.”

Jessica said she and the Duchess-to-be were best friends. “I was her protector, best friend and guide, making sure she became fully involved in school life.”

Even though the girls shared a smooch, Jessica said “Catherine was never very interested in boys,” except for just one guy, her prince charming. “She had apicture of Prince William on the wall of our dorm. She always told me he seemed like a kind, caring, sensitive person.”