Kate Middleton Mom Too Good For Old Friends

Carole Middleton encouraged her daughters’ social climbing like Kris Jenner.  Her ass is weighing heavy on her shoulders, now that she’s Prince George of Cambridge royal granny.  The family business is popping.  Carole even took a Ciroc shot, and bong hit with Queen Elizabeth.  That likely explains why Joanne Callen, her close cousin, hasn’t seen her, or Kate, since the wedding.

Joannne  and Kate Middleton were raised as siblings, and playmates.  Their families shared holidays, and Carole referred to Callen as her ‘god daughter’.  Prince William was poochie whipped.  Pippa Middleton’s booty was plastered around the globe.  Carole stopped speaking to peons.


When I was a child Carole was really good to me,’ she explains. ‘She was a very good mother, a lovely godmother, and I liked her. But she has always been a social climber and now I feel she is snobbish.

‘She behaves as if we are not good enough for her now – so she does not need to respond to us or have any care. At the end of the day, I’m not sure what the word goddaughter means any more.

She says: ‘Carole doesn’t reply to invitations and doesn’t turn up at any family events. She claims that she won’t go anywhere where Gary is but I think she is just making excuses.

‘The real reason is that she is above us now.

‘We’re not in her social circle. It’s as if we are not good enough now and she’s embarrassed by us. She is now even grander than the Queen.’

Is this Joanne chic hunting for free publicity?  Does Carole Middleton owe her an explanation?  Is Kate Middleton obligated to let Callen, and her dingy family, meet Prince George?  Is Carole simply following royal rules?