Katherine Heigl Is A Lesbian Addicted To Smoking Cigarettes #StateOfAffairs

Cigarettes puff perfectly when you’re addicted to blow.  Josh  Kelley and baby Naleigh are fed up with Katherine Heigl’s smokers’ breath.  Dr.  Izzie Stevens left Grey’s Anatomy with one agenda:  puff one cigarette every 2 minutes everyday.   Heigl was so addicted to cigarettes, she would wake up  during sleeping hours for a drag.  She’s desperately tried kicking the habit.  She explained everything to Dave Letterman back when Hollyweird gave a damn.

“I did the patch, I did the gum, I did Chantix (prescription medication) twice, and went bananas!”

Katherine secretly even became addicted to E ciggs, but don’t tell anyone.  Now she’s begging Hollywood big wigs to donate cash towards her movie, Jenny’s Wedding.  It’s the story of a  lesbian’s coming out party.  She has to ask for private donations to finish the film because she pissed off  a lot of people here.  Executives still love Katherine’s smoky smile.  She’s just on punishment.

If Katherine Heigl promises a lot of cat licking, girl on girl action- would you make a contribution towards the film’s completion?  See her desperate pitch below.