Tea – Demons Drowning Kim Richards #RHOBH

Kim Richards is intentionally trying to get kicked out rehab, just like Ireland Baldwin.  Ain’t a rehab facility ratchet enough to cure Kim’s cocaine crush, and alcohol dependency.  Her loved ones were actually relieved when she got arrested.  They were afraid of finding Kim Richards like Amy Winehouse, and Health Ledger.  Kim is more addicted to fame than anything else.  Why else would she allow Dr. Phil spill her boiling hot tea on national TV?  Kim doesn’t rely on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Sister, Kyle Richards, aggravated Kim’s dark past with unnecessary beef for the show.  Lisa Vanderpump can suck a pipe, and stop using Kim’s name to promote her wrinkly career.  Sit down Z Listers.  We heard Kim and Kyle Richards have their own show popping anyway.  Kim Richards is gorgeous, young, and wealthy.  What’s her deal?  Is she bi-polar, or just suffering from success?

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Kim Richards’ mom, Kathy Dugan, was worst than Kris Kardashian.  A gold digging alcoholic, and narcissist- Kathy pushed Kim in showbiz.  Kim hasn’t seen a dime from her works on Nanny and the Professor, and Little House on the Prairie.  Ex boyfriend, John Jackson claims:

“Kim used to tell me stories about when she was 12 and 13, and 14 years old, and how she’d drive the family car, and go pick up her mom at different bars.  Her mom would have men over all the time, and she’d make Kim perform for them- do her little skits and dance” according to Star Magazine.

Kim Richards was desperate to please her mom.  Jerry Oppenheimer (House of Hilton) blasted Kathy for pimping her own daughters to wealthy businessmen.  Kathy courted, and coerced Kim’s 1st husband, supermarket billion heir, George M. ‘Monty’ Brinson.  Kathy pressured Kim to demand a larger engagement ring, and persuaded her to get pregnant ASAP.  It was Kathy’s greed that ended the marriage, although it was a sham to begin with.  Gregg Davis, the rebound husband, truly loved Kim.  His parents smelled Kathy Dugan’s greed overshadowing her Chanel perfume, and whiskey breath.  They threatened to disown Gregg, and exclude him from the family’s trust if he didn’t dump money hungry Kim.

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By the time Kim Richards met her 3rd trick, her poochie was tired and gray.  Kathy groomed Kim and Kyle to drink and snort their problems away.  John J. Collett was saved from Kim’s wrath.  Unfortunately, he was shot while talking to Kim on the phone.  Richards had to identify his body. Marva DeCarlo Johnson was sentenced to 30-years-to-life after he was found guilty of murder. Hollyweird has  evidence that it was a paid hit, but never snitched on who paid for it, or why.  Kim Richards is drowning in pain.  Is Kathy Dugan 100% responsible Kim’s problems?