Withered Thot Bankrolls Millions Using Rock Legend Jimi Hendrix Name (What part of the game is this)

Kathy Etchingham is allowing tourist to rummage through rock legend, Jimi Hendrix, old apartment. She was one of his many conquest on his pit fire road to fame, and destruction.  London officials granted Kathy the rights to trick Hendrix old digs into a shrine, that’s certain to bring in residual income. The goal is for Jimi Hendrix old apartment to blossom into a popular tourist attraction- like Disneyland. Is Kathy Etchingham wrong for capitalizing off of a few smash sessions with a rock God? Is this creepy?

LATimes– The bedroom where Hendrix spent most of his time — both sleeping and waking — has been carefully restored. Persian rugs layer the floor, Hendrix’s favorite Victorian shawl hangs above the bed, an acoustic guitar lies nearby, and a bottle of cheap-and-cheerful Mateus Rose wine sits close to hand.

“It’s like traveling in a time capsule back 45 years,” Etchingham said Monday. It looks suspiciously tidy for a rock star’s bedroom — but Etchingham says it’s accurate. Hendrix was a former U.S. Army soldier, and always made his bed.

Etchingham said the Mayfair apartment was the first home the couple didn’t have to share with others, and they saw it as a refuge from the world. Continue-