LA Mother’s Day Luncheon For Parents of Murdered Kids

Everyone is so focused on Caitlyn Jenner, we’ve disregarded the violence flooding Los Angeles urban communities.  Just like in Chiraq, African Americans and Mexicans are dying at alarming rates due to gang violence.  To honor the mother’s of slain urban youth, Kathy Wooten threw a Mother’s Day bash in Culver City, California.

Kathy Wooten, a gang intervention worker, was devastated by the gang violence affecting urban children.  In May 2008, she was ordained to celebrate the lives of the victim’s families.  That January, and March, she lost two sons (Branden and Kejuan Bullard) to gang violence.  The parents use the luncheon to grieve together, and share their horrific experiences.  LATimes admits, its more than pretty women, and palm trees.

“There’s so much animosity and hurt and pain among all three developments because of past issues, past relationships, past retaliation, all types of stuff,” she said.

On Saturday, Wooten stood in front of a room of mostly women, and encouraged them to “bring each other up.”

“This event is not about me,” she said. “It’s about us.”

Wooten gave out gift baskets with candles and mugs to some of the mothers. There was a comedian and a raffle. There was a “tree of memory” with the names of some of the dead. Some of the women proudly wore buttons with pictures of their loved ones. No seat went empty.

Why won’t celebrities like Diddy, and the Kardashians, invest in Wooten’s cause?  Kathy Wooten deserves to go on Ellen, or The Real to promote her cause.