Keith Urban Shocking Divorce From Nicole Kidman

It’s hard to love  Nicole Kidman.   Chateau Marmont’s upscale hookers claim Keith Urban is back dibbling in cocaine.  He’s super close to walking out on Kidman.  Her salty insecurities  are driving him to drink like Blake Shelton.  Nicole’s ego is in the toilet.  She’s getting old, and doesn’t know how to twerk.  Her close friends say she’s acting withdrawn, and looking a hot ass mess these days.  So what’s her deal?

When you’re an A-lister like Nicole, you aren’t accustomed to being criticized.  Tom Cruise is her stale left overs.  The natural strawberry blonde, mega star thought the biopic about Princess Grace would win her an Oscar.  Instead, she’s been the subject of harsh scrutiny, and awful ageism.

Monaco’s real royal family denounced her hard work as trash.  So not only did she get smashed on the casting couch for nothing-  the Princely family issued a statement:

“We do not wish in any way to be associated with this film which reflects no reality, and regrets that it’s history has been misappropriated for purely commercial purposes.”

Nicole Kidman is stranded in Strangerland.  Keith, and Kidman are never in the same country.  Urban’s cock is usually hard as a brick while he’s taping American Idol in Los Angeles.  Urban decided to spend the summer ‘touring’.  Nicole over doses on prescriptions, when she’s not crying uncontrollably.  The nanny chases Sunday and Faith.  Nicole spends a few days in Australia, then she’s off jet setting to weird, remote filming locations.  Anything for the limelight right?

Insiders told Enquirer Grace of Monaco, “has admitted that sometimes she feels like the world is caving in on her.  She struggles to keep up the facade of a working mom who’s able to juggle crazy work demands with family life, while keeping her husband happy.  Even when she’s smiling in public, she’s just hiding the pain. ”

Doesn’t she have a right to be insecure with her man around J-Ho all the time?  Remember, Marc Anthony was married to Dayanara Torres when he met Jennifer Lopez?