Kelly Preston Consults Kris Jenner #TravoltaExposed

Kelly Preston knew deep down inside that her husband preferred men over women.  What she didn’t expect? The gay, twisted, secrets to be blasted in court.  Kelly can’t stomach the painful embarrassment John Travolta’s twisted booty addiction will cause their kids- Ella Bleu and Benjamin.  The wait is over!  Judge Donna Geck couldn’t be purchased.  She denied a motion to dismiss the case.  Doug Gotterba sucked John into confessing details under oath about their raw gay sex.

John Travolta and his attorneys faked an agreement that silences Doug Gotterba from spilling the tea.  John was so consumed by Gotterba’s sexual healing behind Kelly’s back.  They were in love, and expected the relationship to last forever in the closet.  Doug is busily packaging his tell all – Travolta Exposed.  The book will detail his lust filled years as John’s personal pilot, and booty buddy.  Travolta is livid, embarrassed, and twerking his jelly to stop publishing rights.  Kelly Preston is worried sick.  She blames him for allowing this to happen, and she’s furious with Bruce Jenner.  Did Bruce REALLY have to attend Kylie’s 18th birthday party as Caitlynn Jenner?  Will Kelly end up like Kris?

A Hollyweird judge ruled the Grease star has to answer questions from his ex- boyfriend’s attorney.  The lovers are embattled in a brutal beef.  Did Doug really sign a confidentiality agreement preventing him from telling everyone how he and John swapped sperm during unprotected anal sex?  Who was the sexy guy having drinks with Travolta at Ingleside Inn in Palm Springs the other day?  Either way…watch Kris Jenner confront her EX- husband, Caitlynn Jenner, in the revealing clip below