Kendall Jenner Ignores Kylie At Coachella #NationalSiblingsDay

Kendall Jenner ain’t really digging Kylie’s hair, or the obsession with Blac Chyna.  The Jenner freaks are turnt at Coachella.  Kylie Jenner is the 3rd wheel as usual.  Bruce Jenner taped his coming out party, and Kris hasn’t been sober since.  Kendall burst out of shell, and Kylie is even more intimidated than Kim Kardashian.

Although it’s #NationalSiblingDay – Kendall Jenner has her nose up Hailey Baldwin’s poochie.  She posted photos of fun that didn’t include Kylie Jenner.  If you aren’t a model, Jenner is not interested.  Conquering the world, and disowning her sisters is Kendall’s new thing now.


Meanwhile, Kylie is super lonely with Tyga on tour, and Khloe in Armenia for work.  She was texting Rob nonstop from Coachella like: