Kendra Wilkinson Ditched Her Real Family For Hollyweird

Who thought Kendra Wilkinson would still be married?  We thought she’d be back twerking her dingy poochie with a rich rapper by now.  Hugh Hefner’s Girl Next Door has settled into a nice life with husband, Hank Baskett, but sources are wondering why she’s such a bitch towards her real family.

Weirdos claim when Kendra’s mom, Patti Wilkinson went nosing around wondering if Kendra was preggers, she told her “go die.”  Kendra’s brother Colin Wilkinson responded with ”Every1 plz never ask me about my sister again. She is no longer a part of my life. She’s an inconsiderate psychotic b***h. I’m done (sic)” on Facebook.

If you aren’t convinced that fame has gone to the Kardashian wanna-be, she banned her mother from her only grandson’s birthday party.  The baby, Hank IV, is so confused, and sad.  Kendra’s actually pissed that she’s pregnant again.  She’s looking forward to increasing her family, but really feels guilty for neglecting her career.

So the kid’s birthday party was super ritzy, and expensive.  The guest were happy to be invited, and certainly reality cameras were lurking nearby.  Guest whispered how none of Kendra’s real blood family was there.  Not a soul from Kendra’s real family, no Patti, no Colin.

What’s Kendra’s deal?  Doesn’t she realize she’s a has-been anyway?

‘I have no talent…nothing to offer’ – Kendra