Kenny Babyface Edmonds Toni Braxton Smashing – Love Marriage & Divorce Video

Toni Braxton uses her illness as an excuse to be lazy.  Toni needs financial management, and a good man.  Kenny Babyface Edmonds is behind her biggest hits.  Their chemistry made magic on You’re Making Me High, and Breathe Again.  The hit duo earned Grammy Awards and critical acclaim from the whole music industry.

Toni Braxton acted in a few movies, but ended up bankrupt in the divorce lane.  Babyface kept making hits for big name artist like Eric Clapton, and Beyonce– but his marriage also ended in divorce.  So now they’re both humble.  LATimes demanded the nitty gritty.

Braxton Babyface

“Toni and Kenny are really singing their truth on this album,” said Stephen Hill, an executive at BET. ” They understand where they are in their lives and what they’ve been through, and I think they’re aiming this record toward people who’ve grown with them.”

Edmonds is determined to bring Toni back.  Her recent work flopped.  “I wasn’t using my voice — I was using the voice others told me to use,” she said.  Babyface ex, Tracey Edmonds, is getting smashed by Deion Sanders. Kenny knows this is his last shot at finding true love.  “When you’re making one album after the next, like she was, sometimes you get to the point where you’re just trying to make a hit, as opposed to really saying anything,” Edmonds said. “She didn’t know how to get back to it.”

What Kenny has for Toni is unconditional.  “It was a dark period,” said Braxton, “But Kenny was the person who snapped me out of it. He said, ‘Toni, you’re forgetting you’re an artist. Stop being a business manager and tell people your story.'”  Executives want to sell records, so they pitch the younger crowd.  Who knew Babyface was responsible for the success of Ariana Grande?

Love, Marriage, and Divorce is for the 35 and up steppers.  Regardless of the stats, this record is groundbreaking.   Hollywood insiders say all the recent time working together has renewed their friendship.  Kenny makes her laugh a lot.  Toni makes him want to be cool again.  Toni and Kenny were unavailable in the past, but what about now?  Nobody else in Hollyweird is interested in either one.  Are you currently involved in a relationship with someone you’d least expect?